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Stewart Select Angus is a herd of 200 registered Angus cows that have been on a performance testing program since 1962. Cattle are merchandised through our annual bull sale the first Monday in April, consignment sales, bull test sales, and by private treaty.

Stewart Select Angus herd began in 1954 with the purchase of an entire herd of 35 cows. Since that time female purchases have been limited as the herd has grown to 200 producing females. Performance records have been kept since 1962 beginning with Purdue's performance program and then enrolling in the American Angus Association's Angus Herd Improvement Record program in 1973. Investments have been made in breeding to the best possible sires through artificial insemination. A very high percentage of our cattle have many generations of Stewart breeding in their pedigree. Click Here to read our 50-year history.

Herd Records
Our herd records are kept on the Angus Information Management Software from the American Angus Association. We have a complete set of data on most all of our animals including all performance categories (birth, weaning, yearling, ultrasound), Expected Progeny Differences and Dollar Value Indexes for weaning, feedlot, grid and total beef value. We are also enrolled in the Maternal Plus Program through the American Angus Association.  We currently genomic test all of our weaned heifer calves and a majority of our bulls to provide more accurate EPD's for our customers. 

Herd Health
The herd health program at Stewart Select Angus is a year-round management process. The herd has been certified Brucellosis free and accredited Tuberculosis free for more than thirty years. In addition, the herd is Johne's test negative since 2001 and have been assigned a Status Level IV in the Voluntary Johnes Program with the Indiana State Board of Animal Health. Also, the cows are vaccinated at herd test time (late November/early December) for IBR, PI3, BVD, BRSV, lepto, vibrio and clostridial diseases using Bovi-Shield Gold FP 5 VL5 and Vision 7 Somnus. Prior to weaning the calves are vaccinated for the same diseases plus pasteurella and haemophillus somnus. Insecticide pour-ons are also used to control parasites. In addition, the Greensburg Veterinary Clinic and Dr. Andrew Seiter are called for consultation and treatments. You can call him with any questions pertaining to our herd at 812-663-2745.

Accredited Negative Tuberculosis Status

Certified Negative Brucellosis Status

Status Level IV in Voluntary Johnes Program

Stewart Select Angus - 1601 North County Road 200 East - Greensburg, IN 47240
Ph: 812-614-4867 Toll Free: 800-722-8557

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