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This January 2017 son of S S Niagara Z29 is a big topped, deep ribbed, calving ease son of this popular sire.  He was 62 pounds at birth for an 82 ratio, 634 pound AWW for a 104 ratio, and 1298 AYW for a 107 ratio.  He scanned a 16.0 Adjusted RE and 6.38% adjusted IMF.  If you want a calving ease option of the great Niagara, look no further than BRICKYARD!

SS Rocket C142

This February 2015 son of Connealy Comrade was a phenotypic standout of our 2015 crop at home.  Select Sires tracked this bull down and was the highlight of our first bull sale.  He is a sure fire heifer bull with EPD’s of +15 CED and -3.9 BW.  He is able to combine good growth with great Marb and RE EPD’s.


This January 2012 son of Hoover Dam did everything right on test here at Stewart Select.  His New Day 454 cow is a model cow with a great udder.  He’s one of the highest $B Hoover Dam sons.  He has seen use in some major purebred herds throughout the country.  He will give you deep ribbed, wide based cattle with plenty of muscle.  He has had several progeny that have topped bull sales over the past year

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