Performance-Tested Bulls

Stewart Select sends approximately 30 bulls total each year to the Indiana Beef Evaluation Program (IBEP) in Bedford, IN and the Midland Bull Test in Columbus, MT.

A major portion of our sales efforts goes into the merchandising of our Angus bulls. Approximately eighty bulls are sold each year with many of them going to repeat customers

Complete data that is provided on all bulls sold includes performance information, expected progeny differences, scrotal circumference and ultrasound carcass data including marbling. The bulls are breeding soundness evaluated at approximately one year of age and are guaranteed according to the American Angus Association’s suggested Terms and Conditions. Our herd is certified and accredited free of Brucellosis and Tuberculosis. In addition, the herd has been Johne’s test negative since 2001and has attained the maximum Level 4 Negative herd. Stewart Select Angus has a total herd health program with Dr. Andrew Seiter, DVM at the Greensburg Veterinary Clinic (812-663-2745).

Our 2021 calves are sired by the following proven sires:

S S Niagara Z29
S S Warrior Z20
S S Rocket C142
S S Brickyard
S S Payweight D10
G A R Ashland

Woodhill Blueprint
Tehama Bonanza E410
Deer Valley Growth Fund
S A V Rainfall
E W A West Point 7258
S S Cowboy Up G59
Mocgk Entice

G A R Home Town
Mill Brae Identified
Connealy Mainstay
Hoffman Stagecoach
HA Sterling 6170
G A R Sure Fire

Our 2021 AI Breeding Sires are:

S S Niagara Z29
S S Warrior Z20
S S Rocket C142
S S Brickyard

Tehama Tahoe B767
Tehama Bonanza E410
Deer Valley Wall Street
Yon Top Cut
G A R Ashland

Yon Deep Ridge
Baldridge Movin On
Ferguson Trailblazer 239E
Sitz Profile 1160

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